Friday, December 25, 2009

My birthday! December 23rd

My birthday this year was such a blast! The night before we went to TGI Fridays. It was so nice spending time with my cousins and family.

On my birthday Tatton took me to my favorite restaurant Pomona Valley Mining Company. Amazing food, view of the city and quiet romantic atmosphere.
After dinner we went to Disneyland to watch the fireworks and see the snow.(the pics are during the show when it snows) It was actually very romantic even with the crowd. Since we went on my birthday I got $72.00 to spend inside the park (we have premium passes so we got extra) It was great! I got some "nightmare before christmas" drumsticks for our rockband. :) All and all a wonderful evening with my husband. Thank you tatt :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

So you think you can Dance Finale was awesome

So we went again to A finale show of So you think you can dance. It was amazing! we saw Katharine Mcphee, the cast of glee and many others. We had VIP seating right behind the judges it was amazing. Im sitting right above Ty.We were first row. on tv you see my hair a lot haha. The show itself was amazing! I can't wait for next season!

And here is our group that went to the show. We took this before leaving because they don't allow camera's. Which is such a bummer because we missed picture ups with the Glee cast and everyone at the show. :( but it was still awesome!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We lost another Angel. We were due in July

I must say with life you never know what to expect. The month started on a great note. Life was going very well and we felt on top of the world. I was pregnant again and we were so exited! We were due in July. We thought the odds of loosing another baby would be so slim. All the signs were good. I was sick all the time and things were progressing correctly. We were waiting for christmas to announce the pregnancy because we wanted the first trimester to be over. 2 weeks shy of christmas we found ourselves in a hospital room dazed. It happened so fast. On tuesday the 8th I felt something was wrong and went to the ER to get myself checked. I just didn't feel right. After 5 hours I went home on bedrest. Two days later I woke up at 4:00am throwing up. Tatt was worried, but I told him to go to work. By 10:30 I had thrown up 4 times, had massive diarrhea and could no longer move myself. I called for help and my mom was by my side. I called tatt and told him to go to the hospital and meet me there. My mom called the ambulance by this time because according to her I wasn't moving, my lips were purple and I was ghost white. The pain level was at a 9 for me I could barely breathe. I seriously thought I was dying. The paramedics got to our house and performed all kinds of things. I really don't remember it all. I just kept screaming for pain killers. My mom said by the time they got me to the ambulance i was no longer moving or making any noise. On the ride to the hospital they tried multiple times to get an iv in me, but my veins didn't allow it. Tatton beat us to the hospital, but i didn't even know he was there. He said when he saw me he thought i was dead. They got me in the hospital and would not allow tatt or my mom back for what they said was 45 minutes. They were trying to get an iv and blood drawn, but couldn't. Finally at 1:30 they administered pain medication for me. Tatt and my mom were allowed in. All I remember was being so thirsty. At this point I had gone to the bathroom and thrown up so many times I had nothing left in me. And I couldn't drink any water for fear of me throwing up again. They did a bunch of blood work. (i had 8 needle attempts on my left arm and 6 on my right) They took me for ultrasounds and then proceeded to give us the bad news. We lost the baby. Then the second bad news, overnight stay and possibility of surgery. I didn't want it and prayed it didn't have to happen. It was now almost 8pm and I was so exhausted I just wanted to go home, drink and eat something and be with my family. I was very lucky and my doctors and my gyno (who came to the hospital to check on me) all said I could go home. We were relieved. On the way home the reality set in, we lost another baby. In one year,we lost 2 babies. Our due date was in July. It was hard to swallow. The next morning, I made a choice. I was not going to be the same girl I was last time. This time I was going to make myself proud. No pitty party, no depression.
Yes, this miscarriage was way more painful and dangerous than the first, Yes when I think about that day I still hurt from all the pain. (I am still dealing with immense pain) but emotionally, I am actually doing well for myself because I understand. I understand there is nothing you can do, It is not in your power, it is not in your hands. It is in the Saviors hands. And HE knows best. Tatt and I are much stronger people now than we were 9 months ago when it happened the first time. We understand there is a purpose to everything. Life is so short and we can't spend it mourning the things which we have no control over. Of course we wish we were still pregnant, and of course we want a baby and to be parents. But we cannot allow the sorrow to destroy the joy's we do have. We will press forward, stay strong and try again when the time is right. We will be going to specialists and we will someday soon have that family we have always wanted.For now I will look back on some of the pictures we took while our little miracle was with us.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our year of 2009

We decided since our blog is so new that we would make a post reflecting the year we have had. All the best moments of each month. Hope you enjoy.

December 2009
It is only the beginning of the month so this will be updated all the time by other posts. All I can say is so far this month has been just wonderful. I've been a little sick, but other than that things are so good. I'm so exited for what the rest of the year has to offer.
November 2009
We had a wonderful time this month, we just feel so happy and blessed right now. We went to Disneyland and we were able to have family time and enjoy a wonderful thanksgiving holiday in Utah.(more pics on past post)
October 2009
Fun fun month! by far the best month (and also a bit tough) Angels due date was October 19th, so we went to Palm Springs to get away for a few days. We then came home ready to enjoy the fun october had to offer and threw a halloween party!We also went to "Dancing with the Stars".

September 2009
We enjoyed our last games of the Season. As you all know we are season tix holders to the Angels. Baseball is our thing and these were the last pics we took before the end of the season. I also went to Corona's Breast Cancer Walk. It was such a great experience. I go to it every year.
August 2009
Wow for august, this month we had the opportunity to go to the Final show of Dancing with the Stars. It was amazing! we went to two separate recordings for it.We also had family weddings and our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary.
July 2009
This month we went to Lund, Nevada for a family reunion. I had well over 200 pictures from that week, but my favorite was the little lake picture. If you look closely you can see a lighting bolt hitting the ground. We also had family come down to visit. A bunch of my danish girlfriends and our family that lives up Northern California. We also got to sing at the Angels Stadium which was great since we have season tickets and are always there! It was so great to see all the players. It was a month filled with family, friends and trips.
June 2009
Another busy month, but so much fun. It was my mom and dads birthday, cousin Travis graduated, and tatt and I went on many hiking trips. Such a blast!
May 2009
This was such a fun month, we did so much I don't know how we pulled it all off! We went to Palm Springs for vacation, celebrated Memorial Day, went to Lake Elsinore, Disneyland, the beach (multiple ones) The Temple and hung out at our Club pool. It was such a nice month.
April 2009
We wanted to go out and have fun! life had been tough and we needed to laugh again :)
So where else than Disneyland! right?
Even though we were still struggling with the loss of the baby, our love grew strongerMarch 2009
We has a great time at the Olive Garden with the family for tatts birthday
This was also a very tough month for tatt and I. We lost our baby at nearly 3 months. We knew that this was not the end for us and we pushed forward knowing Angel would always be near us.
My cousin Christi got married!
Tatt and I found out we were Pregnant on Valentines Day
We went to Newport Beach with our Visiting Family. It was so great to see them.
We also had Anthony and Ashley's Baby Cove come to the world.